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Nicole Walker
Feb 21 2014, 11:06 AM
Sami shot EJ in the head and left him to die and had sex with Rafe while EJ was bleeding out. If that's not cold blooded then I don't know what is and the kicker here is she's now engaged to that man that she was so willing to put a bullet in, talk about creepy!
Yeah, that was the last straw for my interest in EJAMI. And now they are suppose to be a loving couple - about to get married. I don't see how that works? I would much more believe that EJ hated her and would put her out of his life than this crap.

Sorry,.. I just get so upset when I think about that past and look at them now. Its just plain idiotic. Sami has even now shown several times that she can't accept him as a DiMera.. so what the heck is she doing?

Nicole has done some horrible stuff,.. but nothing as bad as compared to Sami. At least Nicole shows signs of regret. IMO.
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