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Feb 27 2014, 07:07 AM
Feb 27 2014, 05:30 AM
Feb 25 2014, 08:45 AM
It's not really fair to blame Sami for Nicole's fertility issues without putting at least half of the blame on Nicole. Nicole is the one who chose to ignore her doctor's orders to stay in bed, lure Sami down to the morgue, then attack her. If she'd done as she was told, she wouldn't have lost the ability to conceive. Besides, Nicole has gone on to conceive twice since then, so Sami's no longer in the equation at all.
But Nicole got bullet in the first place because Sami push her Nicole should blame Sami for not able carry full term pregnancy.until Nicole will give birth of alive child.and Nicole thought Sami tried to kill her since she woke up she saw Sami hand on plug of her support system.
Sami had been hiding in Nicole's room to kill her to stop her from revealing that Lucas wasn't abusing Will, that Sami lied about Lucas hitting him.

So, Sami did try to kill her, than changed her mind. Her hand was on the plug because she was making sure it was pushed all the way back in after she just tried to pull it out.
You got the facts little wrongs Sami was in room because she thought Nicole going to tell anyone she tried to kill(Sami push Nicole to save herself but she knew Nicole will not see that way)her and scarred what Victor will do her when he find out she thought of pulling the plug but when she chose not she saw it loose and put it back and than Nicole woke up.it nothing about Lucas lie Sami did although one of the dirt Victor had on Sami it tape of Sami admit lucas did not hit will
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