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I quoted you because you said it was fine by you that an actor should receive a tweet by a "fan" telling them their character should die. I don't agree. I think that is nearly as bad (not the same level but maybe just a notich down one) in personally attacking the actor. It's a TV show. If someone hates it, then stop watching. If a portion of the show upsets someone, then FF through it.

I didn't mean to offend you personally, just stating my own opinion too.
I'm not offended. I just didn't see what your post had to do with my comment. Now I see that you apparently see that as bullying. Well, I don't think that saying mean things about someone's character counts as bullying, even if you say it to their "face." Soaps aren't just meant to make people happy. I really doubt that the show expects all of its fans to cheer Abby on as she helps EJ cheat on Sami. People who are angry, but not so angry that they want to stop watching, are having the expected reaction. They don't need to fast forward or shut up. They can give feedback, the same way the people who are loving the affair are giving feedback. And praise and hate for a story are two sides of the same coin. An actor can't take one without the other. And character bashing is a far cry from the kinds of things that are posted about actors' looks on this board. I really hope a lot of them never come here looking for feedback.
People have a right to complain if they don't like something. And I have no problem with people blowing off steam in general. Message boards are a good place to do that and if someone wants to make fun of an actor here personally, well, they can do that (unless it's against board rules). They can also post to the soap's facebook page or tweet to the show specifically. I wish people would stay to the topic of the storyline and not become vile and mean...I hate SC's acting and I don't think he's that good looking but I have never griped to the show calling his name out in anyway.

Actors receiving hate mail is nothing new. Thats been going on for years. I've never understood it, but it happens. It also was contained. The mail would come to the studio and the actor would choose a time to read through it. Sometimes if there was a concern, the studio might even have it "filtered" first for them. Now we have other avenues like twitter to use for our displeasure. If its directed straight to the studio or at a storyline/show in general. That's fine. Actors don't have to read that. But when the actor is personally targeted they can't escape that. It's there not just for their eyes but anyone wanting to do a search on their name.

Anyway, what I bolded is really what makes all the bitching and complaining and dogging on the actors (and even the show) pointless. Days knew the fans were going to be furious at this storyline. At least the fans who hate to see EJ cheat. I find it funny because it's amazing how many people are supportive of a cheating storyline. I'm sure some of it is because the idea of Ejami ending in a fiery death is reward enough. But for others, some actually see chemistry between KM and JS and am glad the show is going this direction. At least that's how I feel.

I'm not saying the complaints are productive. Personally, I don't see the need to tell an actor anything unless it's specifically about their performance, but other people do and Days has held live tweeting sessions in an effort to encourage people to contact the actors by twitter, so I think people need to expect the good and the bad sides of actor/fan interaction.

I don't find it amazing that some fans liked the cheating storyline, though. People liked Kristen raping Eric, too, since Eric was shirtless and was into it, due to the drugs. Of course that's an extreme example, but hopefully people get where I'm going with this.
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