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The latest SOD has an article about EJ, Abigail, and Sami's continuing saga.

Sami comes to the Horton house to see Abigail, who is home because she thinks she has the flu. When Abigail gets sick from the smell of tuna, Sami asks if she might be pregnant.

Kate Mansi says that the first time EJ and Abigail had sex she was in a bad place emotionally and thought EJ was done with Sami. At the time, she didn't worry about the consequences. Now she's going through a "shame spiral". Abigail is mostly a very pure person, and it's difficult to have this weighing on her, especially since EJ can be dangerous. Abigail doesn't think she can confide in her mother...

Mansi says that what Abigail has been doing is wrong because EJ is engaged to Sami. Mansi says that EJ has been manipulating her and she (Mansi) believes Abigail is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. She discusses EJ's power over women and how it related to them at the cabin. She goes on to say that "Abigail is very bright.. but is listening to EJ out of fear, lust, and attraction". She says Abigail also believes there is a chance for love. Abigail would never be able to hide her secret if she were pregnant.

Get all the details in the latest SOD!
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