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Spencer Hastings
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Feb 28 2014, 01:25 AM

Sami comes to the Horton house looking for a favor from Abigail who is home because she thinks she has the flu. Sami asks for Abigail's help and ends up staying for hours. To thank her for her help, Sami orders lunch for them. When Abigail gets sick from the smell of the tuna, Sami asks if she might be pregnant. Abigail briefly freaks out, but quickly recovers.
Because whenever my ex's cousin is sensitive to a smell, I always ask her if she could be pregnant. I know that it's storyline dictated, but that sounds so stupid to me.

Mansi says that EJ has been manipulating her and she (Mansi) believes Abigail is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

^o) She says weird stuff in interviews. I don't think Abigail is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, I just think she likes getting laid. :shrug:
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