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Maybe KM filmed scenes that never aired, because I don't remember EJ kidnapping Abby or that they were stuck in the cabin. Abby initiated or enthusiastically participated in their boink sessions. So no clue where the Stockholm Syndrome comes in. Maybe she thinks EJ is from Sweden?

EJ might have started out as manipulating her, but she was more than a willing participant, going so far as to practically beg EJ to take her on as his side piece even after finding out he and Sami had reconciled.

And I'm not getting how Abby can be such a "bright" young woman and at the same time be so "inexperienced with sex" and naive that she didn't think it could be possible for her to be preggers. Unless her "pure heart" is suppose to protect her from the more vulgar realities of life.

And can someone tell me what is so "special" about a engaged man sexing it up with a self-righteous delusional ex-virgin?

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