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Yep that chick is so full of shit it is not even funny...it is kind of funny. None of what she says in the article is true. She either straight up lied or she lives in her own little world just like Abbyfail. I would have more respect for her is she owned her crap.

Yeah, if she is indeed pregnant, she is so going to hide the baby from Ej just Sami and Nicole did. Now suddenly she realize Ej is dangerous even though she has been chasing this dangerous man around town and begging for him to screw her in the closet, shower and the conference room. It is the same story over and over again. Trick could not get enough of Ej to the point she was basically stalking him and begging him for sex, but now that he dumped her, he is so dangerous and she was being manipulated. Of course, she will hide the baby to protect it and of course, Ej will have to retaliate by taking the baby from her. How original.

One good thing about this shitty story, this does not sound like the a love story in the making. This sounds like a hiding the baby from ej recycling story number 1256774.
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