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Feb 28 2014, 04:53 AM
I usually like Kate Mansi, but if on paper EJ is supposed to be manipulating Abby and Abby is supposed to be suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome, then either one or both of the actors have not done a good job acting that out. Another option is that KM doesn't really understand the storyline or know what the Stockholm Syndrome, but I doubt that.

I can't believe this could be her last year on the show. It still seems to me like she's new to the show. But, if she leaves and the character doesn't get recast, then it'll be pointless to give EJ yet another child, only for that child to leave Salem with its mother and not be heard of for the next several years. Oh, TPTB and their stupid planning ahead. Or lack thereof, actually.
I don't think even on paper EJ is supposed to be manipulating Abby since she initiated the first sex, blackmailed for the almost second time, and went to his gym for the third one. She kept saying she's not sorry, then she put her name forward for the sidepiece position. I don't think KM understands Stockholm Syndrome. I think she heard it used in relation to other couples and she liked how it sounds. Nothing else makes sense.
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