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Sammie Jo
Mar 3 2014, 12:30 AM
Mar 2 2014, 03:19 PM
Mar 1 2014, 04:51 PM
The comments section is disturbing.
Its the same rants that are on many other boards. Do what I do, and just dont read them.

I am rather surprised that an affiliate station would run a story about the replacement of a soap actor. Was Mr. Muhney that popular - nationally? Its is rather strange that the conversation about Mr. Muhney's ousting is still going on. Again, was he really that popular? Well I suppose talking about him, whether it be good, bad or awful keeps him in the news - hence making him very popular.
It's their entertainment section and they ran the story when he got fired too.
I'm glad they ran it, just think how pissed his rabid fans will be when they read it. :popcorn:
I am just surprised that he is so popular that any entertainment report (affiliate or national) is talking about a soap actor.
I never pegged that a soap actor of his calibre would garner a mention on an entertainment report that is not soap opera dedicated.

Well I supposed I should think of him being more popular than I originally thought. Because other soap actors have been fired or left their positions and I dont remember them getting any mention, etc. on any entertainment report - be it affiliate or national.

By the way, did Victoria Rowell get this kind of PR (be it good/bad/awful) when she left Y&R? And she is too can be described as being controversial as well. Or Steve Burton who is more recent being mentioned about his character being replaced on GH on any entertainment report, other than soaps dedicated?

Seriously, I didn't know he was that popular. But then again, me talking about it on a message board, keeps the story going.
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