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Feb 28 2014, 07:56 AM
I just don't understand how TPTB are not aware that no one cares about this couple. I mean they seem to be monitoring fan opinion on everything else; whether or not they react to it, you can tell from how they 'market' things that they know what we're posting and tweeting. But with this, they just continue to go forward seemingly blind to the constant criticism. I mean does anyone like this pairing? Have there been SOD letters about them? None that I've seen. Is this a Corday pet thing maybe?
The only thing I hold out hope for is that they intend to make Dannifer a happy "supercouple" only to have Jack return someday to do the triangle correctly. I still don't understand what happened with MarDar. Jack came back, the triangle started, and then in a handful of awkward scenes Jen and Daniel agreed that they shouldn't be together and the triangle was dropped like a sack of cement mix. Jack and Jen were back-burnered, Daniel had a briefly hinted romance with Billie, and he then wound up in Nicole's orbit. Then the regime changed, Jack was offed on day one, Jen was nowhere to be seen for a month, and then we were off to the races (again) with Dannifer Part II, and it's been an 18-month forced coupling nightmare ever since. The only reprieve has been Jennifer's story with JJ the past few months. But now he is on the bandwagon as well.

I still hold out hope that one day Jack will appear onscreen, and that we will find out that MA has been secretly taping for months. And then we can go through a real triangle story that respects the Jack/Jen history, utilizes Abby and JJ's established presence (and emotional conflict), and adds a character like Eve as a fourth wheel to round things out.

But if a happy Dannifer is the end-game, and story just revolves around a constant stream of failed interlopers (Nicole, Chloe, Nancy, JJ, Theresa, Anne, etc.), while otherwise loveable characters (Maggie, Maxine) continue to pimp the pairing, then count me out.
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