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I watched the episode for
USA: Tuesday March 4th.
(Canada: Monday March 3rd).

I will comment now because it's not really a spoiler.

Summer is at the ranch with Nick, Nikki, and Victor.

Summer wishes she could go to the jail and tell Ian Ward off because she's so mad.
But everyone sensibly tells her -- don't talk to him again because he'll just try to manipulate/twist the conversation as he always does.

Nikki tells Summer to speak aloud -- or even yell -- into the living room whatever Summer would wish she could say.

So Summer does just that. She yells her anger into the Newman living room everything she wishes she could say to Ian.

And all the Newmans cried. And they told her they respect her.

And I just knew. I knew ... This was ALSO actress HK speaking to the camera what she wishes she could say to fired actor MM, with all her castmates standing beside her and crying and supporting her.

I cried, too.

Probably this script was written months ago -- it was already scripted to say all this. But I thought she used the pre-existing script to vent what she felt.

Well. Maybe I'm projecting my opinions onto this.

At any rate, as a professional actress, HK may have been using "Method acting" in which you remember something similar from your own life and project your personal memories/emotions onto the charactor/scene you are acting.

It was great.
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