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those stupid stupid nitwits, going on how Michael outacted everyone else on the show, he needs to be brought back, he needs to be nominated, I just want to take them and shake them until their teeth fall out, I can't believe that this is adult women with families and jobs saying this. Don't they know someone who has been fired, duh, people don't want to work with them again, bosses don't want them around at all again. I've never known anyone who was fired from a job come back to that place to work. I've never been fired but if I had been I sure wouldn't want to be around people that knew I was fired, I'm sure the boss would make it twice as hard to work there, you gotta let it go people he's done with Y&R for the rest of time or as long as Hunter King works there anyway. If he was feeling her up I wonder how many others he was feeling up at the same time, did they just keep quiet for their jobs sake or did they say something. It took a young girl to say what was going on, how does that make the rest of them feel if they were letting it happen to them and kept quiet.
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