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Panda Panda
Mar 4 2014, 03:44 PM
I agree that Ally can have an opinion of how the jewelry should be handled, but she's going beyond that and it's not her place to. That would be like me telling my grandma to do with the house my grandfather left to the family. While it's true that everyone else in the family can have an opinion and even pitch in on how it's run, the house still belongs majorly to my grandmother and her say holds more weight than mine.

It's the same with the jewelry. Ally is one of Stephanie's grandkids, but her say doesn't outweigh Eric's. Honestly, she's one of the last few people who would actually get a say about the jewelry at all.

I disagree because some of Stephanie jewerly looked like it was priceless and what 20 year old knows about Cartier/Harry Winston/Tiffany jewelry other than what a celebrity is wearing around the neck.
Ally is a Forrester and has more knowledge of Stephanie than Wyatt/Hope. It should been a family decision to use Stephanie jewelry, not Eric.
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