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Mar 5 2014, 09:47 PM
Mar 5 2014, 08:53 PM
Have you seen Bell's latest interview in TV Guide magazine?

He is basically saying Ridge/Katie will be a couple for awhile.
I wonder how Brooke will handle that? Once again, Ridge dumped her for someone else.
So far, I am liking that Ally is going to bring crazy. I can see her boiling Hope's cat if she has one.

Let me clear up some lies presented in the article
Brooke has always been number two in all her relationships with men.
Ally get a new man yet when Steffy was on the show, Bell never written her getting a new man.
The interview just shows that Bell is just using the same storylines with different players.
I dont disagree with that Brooke had always been number 2. Unfortunately the fan-base dont seem to think so.
I have no respect for the walking mattress. And whatever Bell said in that interview, we all know two minutes or months from now it will change.
KKL will once again reign her awful terror even though she has never won an award.
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