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Mar 6 2014, 05:03 PM
Mar 6 2014, 03:49 PM
My :bat: :bonk: award goes to Liz. She dumped AJ in August and began to waffle back to Nik in October and now she all concerned about AJ.
Well Sonny you should have thought about Micheal feelings before you fired the gun.
I guess I just don't understand the issue there, seemed like general compassion and concern to me. Liz may not be in love with A.J. but it doesn't mean she shouldn't be concerned for him when he shows up in the ER almost dead. I'd hope anyone would be worried for their ex in that situation.

When AJ went to court, Liz showed up and they decided to split. She been all about Nik and has not reached out to AJ when he was acquitted for Connie murder and got scared in the park when he approached her. Now she suddenly cares about him is just a freaking joke.

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