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I don't think Days has filmed on location in decades, except that time they had Roman visit the Hollywood sign.
It was just a wild hope. I wish American soaps are like European soaps. They have way more realistic sets and they often film outdoors. They also film on actual parks rather than stupid looking studio parks.
Agreed. American soaps used to be like that, it's too bad that time has passed. Although Days seems to be in the worst shape. The other soaps have done things like filming outdoors and going on location fairly recently.
I sure can't speak about European soaps in general because I'm watching only a couple of them but none of them airs "so early" in Daytime like American soaps. They usually air about 5.30 pm - 8 pm (Daytime or Primetime). I'm not sure (so, please, correct me if I'm wrong) if there are European soaps that air 11 am- 3 pm. And I think, time-slot makes a huge difference.

IMO, European and American soaps just have different strengths and weaknesses. Yes, they often film outdoors in Europe, but cast members don't stay for a long time (which means few (or none) legacy characters), American soaps have definitely "more classic" plots/storylines, "more chic" wardrobe/make-up etc.
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