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Mar 9 2014, 02:50 PM
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Mar 9 2014, 01:03 PM
Brendan Coughlin @Bren_Coughlin
Although I miss my family terribly @TeriAndrez I love shooting in Utah http://t.co/wFxfFowXLV

Is it too much to hope that it's Days related? I am hoping that T goes Misery on WilSon? He abducts Sonny to a secluded cabin in Utah, Will surreptitiously follows them thinking they're having an affair.

I don't think Days has filmed on location in decades, except that time they had Roman visit the Hollywood sign.
It was just a wild hope. I wish American soaps are like European soaps. They have way more realistic sets and they often film outdoors. They also film on actual parks rather than stupid looking studio parks.
The only soap that I can think of that still does those great location shoots is The Bold & The Beautiful. In the past 5 years, B&B has thus far been to Cabo San Lucas-Mexico, Pugalia-Italy, Aspen, Monte Carlo, and they're planning on shooting in Abu Dhabi and Dubai next month.

Y&R and GH might not do a lot of location shooting but they do sometimes film outdoors. Days is by far the worst of the bunch. All of their filming is down on man-made sets that look ridiculous most of the time.
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