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Mar 10 2014, 10:50 PM
Mar 10 2014, 08:13 PM
Not sure if I should ask this here but have you seen all the rumours on twitter about the filming schedule how their saying that the WILSON storyline is 3-4 weeks behind in shooting because of Guy Wilson bad acting and that he needs an acting coach on set with him at all times is this true because there seems to be a lot of question being asked about him and the storyline
I don't believe those rumors to be true, no. Besides, "Days" has an acting coach on staff, Maria O'Brien. So, that's not news. She's there to assist any actors who might need help.

Chandler Massey even thanked her in his 2013 Emmy speech: "Hi, first of all…I’d like to thank everyone at NBC and--and Corday and amazing cast and crew and the writers and producers. All the credit goes to you guys. Also, this isn’t fair because I have the best actor to work alongside and it’s Freddie Smith. Freddie you are phenomenal! You are absolutely incredible and it’s my privilege to work with you. Also, I want to thank Maria O’Brien, the acting coach at Days. I would not have a job if you weren’t there. "

Jen Lilley also mentioned the acting coach recently too: "Lilley jokingly added that in real life the only qualities she shares with Theresa is that they are the same height and wear the same shoe size, and said that not even their hair color is the same. In fact, she admits that in life she is not as aggressive as her character and attributes her attitude to the acting coach (Maria O’Brien) that helps her get into the b—–y mode."

So, it looks like people are just trying to spread rumors and start trouble, people who don't realize that the acting coach is a long-time staff member at Days and is there to help all the cast members. The speed at which "Days" tapes would prevent any backlog of episodes to be piling up. They couldn't even wait for Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) to feel well back in 2010...they recast her immediately with Alicia Leigh Willis when she wasn't feeling well, but Nadia made it in and was able to tape her scenes, so Willis wasn't used. If someone was causing a long back-up of scenes needing to be re-taped, they would have been replaced already.
I'm trying to picture Courtney from gh as Chloe and failing miserably...
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