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Mar 12 2014, 04:33 PM
There's something that's been bugging me for a bit. If Lee Dumonde set out to hire Brent Cavanaugh to kill Julie, why did she change her mind at the last minute and actually save her from him? I would have thought that if she really wanted her gone she would have just allowed him to dispose of her. Unless either she

a) Wanted to save Julie as a way to regain Doug's favor

b) Wanted to use Brent as the fall guy and have everybody think that he was the one that wanted to kill her, which is weird because wouldn't at least some people be suspicious that Lee might be behind it? In other words, she wanted to cover her ass.

c) She wanted to come out as the hero or something.


d) She was afraid that Brent was going to expose her as the mastermind and killed him to cover her tracks.

Can anybody help me here?
Most likely reason would be the show never planned on killing Julie off, so they had to have a way for her to not die. This was before the DiMeras arrived in Salem, and people now are able to die all the time and be brought back to life. "Days" was pretty true-to-life up until 1982/1983, when the fantasy stuff was added to the show.
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