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Mar 13 2014, 10:52 AM
Mar 12 2014, 06:54 PM
Mar 12 2014, 06:20 PM
I am happy that Abby is not totally oblivious to who she is dealing with when it comes to EJ.That nightmare let her know that she does have to be careful in her dealings with EJ regardless of how she feels about him.I am also happy that she heeded the warning from her subconcious and left the house rather than go with EJ to his doctor.The fact that she went running to the bathroom leads me to believe she is actually pregnant.I hope she is pregnant because the fall out,family and other citizens of Salem including Ann and Theresa , will be more serious when the identity of the father becomes known and because there will be more of a story for Abby with the baby than without.EJ actually made a lot of sense yesterday when he told Abby its better to see a doctor than use a pregnancy test from the drug store.Even if the test was negative,it would still make more sense to see a doctor given her symptoms.I am looking forward to hearing what EJ says to Abby to get her to agree to allow him to go with her for testing.
but if she was pregnant what would be the purpose of the photos?

my bet is she wont be pregnant, they'll be all relieved they think they have dodged a bullet and then the second bullet (photos) will hit them in the back of the head.
I totally forgot about the pictures!
Not me. Right now the identity of whoever took those photos is all that is keeping me tethered to Days because although I pulled for EJabby in the very beginning they are rapidly boring me.
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