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Mar 13 2014, 03:26 PM
Mar 13 2014, 03:20 PM
Her nightmare freaked her out and it should freak her out. That's not exactly too far off some of the heinous things he's done in the past. Again, he came in and started demanding to know why she is avoiding him. And she explained very soundly that this is her problem not his and he can walk away freely. It's EJ who keeps insisting he's a part of it.
Its not just her problem;,he is a part of it, its his child, its his life that is going to be further complicated by its existence and what not.
Abby is just telling him she is not making any demands that he do anything for her or for the baby if there is a baby,he does have the option of walking away from Abby and possible baby,He can marry Sami and live his life with her and his children with Sami.EJ had the options of using a condom or not have sex with Abby.Its Abby's body.She can hear EJ out but the final decision is hers.He may have to live with the consequences of her decision but he also be living with the consequences of his own decisions to have sex with Abby without the use of a condom.
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