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WEEK OF JUNE 15 - JUNE 19, 1981
Alex implied to David that he knows something shady about David's San Diego activities. Maggie comforted Stuart, whose daughter-in-law died in San Diego. Alex caught on to Mary's campaign to turn Jessica further against Marie. Marie told the Mother Superior that Jessica is rushing into becoming a nun. Marlena suspected Don when a strange man pleaded for her help on her radio show. Jake wowed Hope. Renee moved Jack into Mrs. Stoner's rooming house, thinking she would soon share Chris' apartment. David informed Chris that someone else patented his invention. Marlena convinced Stuart to hire his son, Evan, at the medical center.
WEEK OF JUNE 22 - JUNE 26, 1981
Doug made a scene after finding Hope in Jake's sleazy room. Tod apologized for clobbering Chris. Stuart consulted Marlena about Evan, who was grieving over his wife's death. Jessica encouraged Mary to grab Alex away from Marie. Don investigated Marlena's weird phone call. Mickey feared that Maggie wouldn't surrender her child once it was born. Mike befriended Evan, who was David's buddy in San Diego. Renee told Julie she thought Jake had a dishonorable reason for remaining in Salem. David agreed to Renee's radio talk show idea.


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