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ATL has been pretty entertaining this season. I'm ready for it to end though. And I'm totally ready for the rumored revamp. I'm hearing the only women coming back for Season 7 are NeNe, Kandi and Kenya. I won't miss Cynthia at all. I've been calling her for exit since we first met her in Season 3. And as sad as I'll be to lose Phaedra and Porsha, I'm excited to see who they bring in, especially after they cast Kenya. I think the producers need to do what the BH producers are doing with their casting for Season 5. They want genuine friendships, so they're asking the ladies who are coming back to make suggestions. I think ATL producers should do the same. Have real friends of NeNe and Kandi join the show if they're willing. Kenya probably has no real friends, so I'd say just cast a random crazy for that sixth spot.

I still can't believe the ATL reunion hasn't been taped yet. How long is this season going to be?!
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