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WEEK OF JUNE 29 - JULY 3, 1981
Chris broke off with Renee after she admitted her love. Jessica gave Alex her half-hearted blessing to wed Marie. Jessica rebuffed Tod and daydreamed of Joshua. Hope turned Doug away. Julie didn't share Doug's distrust of Jake. Stuart dined with Lee. Stuart harangued Evan for snapping at Maggie. Mickey grew insecure over Maggie and Stuart's mutual admiration society. Marie and David questioned Alex's sudden trip to San Diego. Mary believed she was close to purchasing the Anderson plant from Tod. Tod and Renee commiserated over their broken hearts.
WEEK OF JULY 6 - JULY 10, 1981
Alex, who had something on David from San Diego, hit David up for a loan so he could purchase the Anderson plant. Mary pushed Tod to sell her the plant by promising to steer Jessica his way. Mike proposed to Trish. Liz accused Don of neglecting her for Marlena, who admitted to Joshua that Don is not yet our of her system. Lee tried to throw Neil and Liz together for Marlena's sake. Evan opened up to Maggie about his grief. Jessica befriended Evan. Evan and Neil's San Diego conflicts resurfaced. David warned Marie about Alex. Jake taunted Renee about her pursuit of Tod.


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