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Mar 17 2014, 11:46 AM
The relish storyline was about Tracy/AJ fighting control of ELQ. The relish was poisoned by Franco and the Chew hosts started :puke: :puke: during the live show. After its was revealed that Franco/Kiki were not real Qs, AJ lost control of ELQ to Tracy.

Considering that the writers have written AJ a life long alcoholic and Sonny punching bag, i really don't blame the actor.

His character getting shot was only the continuation of anointing St. Sonny as the man who will always get away with his crimes.
OMG the anointing of Saint Sonny is so true. I am so sick of Sonny and they way they treated AJ's character. So PISSED at TIIC for wasting a legacy character and propping Franco. They could have paired AJ with Carly they were great together but no they waste it on Cranco. I don't blame SK for leaving. I think RC's twitter comments were childish, immature and classless. If RC can't take criticism he should leave Hollywood. That is part of the job and that nice pay check you receive.

First we lose Tristen Rodgers to another soap and now SK. They keep bringing in vets to boost the ratings and force feed us all the crappy newbies. I know newbies are need but so are the vets, there needs to be balance between the. Eats and newbies. Gh is an Epic failure in my opinion. Ric is the only reason I am watching right now. If they throw him under the bus for more anointing of Saint Sonny I am done with this show.
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