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Mar 17 2014, 02:19 PM
Mar 17 2014, 02:08 PM
Billy Warlock tweeted his support for Sean Kanan, and his frustration about how the character of AJ is written.

(And then added a second tweet clarifying that his intention is *not* trying to lobby to be cast himself. --
-- that the first tweet was just a support for Sean and a critique of how the character of AJ has been written)

[for those who don't know, actor Billy Warlock also portrayed AJ for a time, long ago.]

Billy Warlock ‏@BillyWarlock
Tweeted 8:52 AM - 17 Mar 2014
"I must say if it's true about SK I am truly bummed . Not just for him but for AJ as well. SK was a great AJ! Go B&B."

Billy Warlock ‏@BillyWarlock
Tweeted 8:56 AM - 17 Mar 2014
"Believe when I say I'm not lobbying . It's just how I feel . That character has never been given a fair shake."
I never liked Warlock as AJ, but good for him coming forward.
Kudos to BW. I loved both of their AJs. GH has never done right by the character. Ever. RC, untalented hack that he is, just continued Guza the Luza's character destruction.
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