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Mar 17 2014, 05:35 PM
Mar 17 2014, 05:22 PM
I HATE Ron Carlivati! My disdain burns stronger than a thousand suns.

I truly think the ratings have increased because of Frank and the return of all the vets. And DESPITE Ron's HORRIBLE pacing, bloated cast, and ADHD story telling. Fire Ron and see what Frank can do with an ADULT head writer. I am so angry.

First Jack Wagner tells the truth about Ron. And now SK. Good for them!!
I do give RC his due... there are some things about his writing that are huge improvements over Guza and have put the show in a better place, and Valentini should be doing a better job reigning in some of his impulses. But RC is like anyone who climbs a few stairs and thinks he's at the top already. I blame the ass-kissers in the soap press, too, who have convinced him that he's the second coming of Douglas Marland.
So true about the soap press pandering to his ginormous ego. RC isn't fit to wipe off the gum stuck under Doug Marland's shoes much less step into them.
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