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Miss Rhi
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Sobs and Sobbier (Sabrina and Sarah) both grate on my nerves so bad. I like Needa and Allison even though I'm hoping more of Allison's plans come out in her DR's tomorrow because her game play is kind of confusing. Sabrina is a raging manipulative bitch and not the charming kind that usually allows us to somewhat dismiss the attitude because they are playing the game of BB. Everytime I see Sarah on the feeds she's usually crying or near to crying over missing her family and etc. and both her and Sabrina's voices are like nails on a chalkboard. I hate how Heather has been treated and sometimes think she's just too nice for BB.

Kenny's attitude about not winning something recently and being seeming shocked and somewhat appalled pissed me off. I like who did win and hope that person goes further than everyone thinks they will and I find it funny that pretty much the whole house got a shock concerning how popular said person is. Paul is creepy and he has no idea what he's doing even though in his little world he's a mastermind. The only time I've enjoyed him is when Kyle was still on and he, Kyle and Adel were like BB's version of the 3 stooges. Jon would be cute if he wasn't always grabbing his junk and remind me of Pigpen from Peanuts because of how dirty he is. I still like him though.

It seems like they really worked and got off their asses to cast season 1 of BBCA so people would watch in hopes the show would gain a following. Now that putting in the effort worked for the 1st season it seems like they went back to the same methods they use for casting BBUS and we ended up with what we're used to seeing every season with the US version. I'm enjoying this season but not as much as the 1st and still miss the 1st season's house for the most part. This house is still 100% better than the tired, stinky and worn out US one.
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