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Viewing Single Post From: Sean Kanan out at GH
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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

I really have been ffwd the majority of the show the last couple of months....When SK returned as AJ, I was delighted, then I wanted him and Carly, then him and Liz...I was fine with either pairing but the show took a turn and back burned him and that was a sign of things to come...unfortunately I was hanging on for Robin's return...and now she's gone and so is AJ...I really am not feeling the show of late. It's boring.....too bad they didn't tap the potential AJ/Carly pairing and all it could be....and wasted AJ and Elizabeth....clearly....they never wanted to go there with them.....I am not liking Niz and I never will.....I am really not feeling any part of the show of late and RC and his comments are really pissing me off. AN actor can express disappointment over his character and what he feels was a wasted opportunity. That isn't classless, it's actually very common. WTF is up with RC? Dude...get off your high horse...the show is only doing better now because it was so fucked up before...what goes up must also come down....so don't count your chicken's before they hatch.
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