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And normally I'd be absolutely fine with that but this is a wedding that will actually happen . One that Days doesn't give a real shit about. Disappointing for WilSon's fans.
I don't think they don't care about if but if the want to make it low key, lacking drama... spoiler usually point to the events that will be drama related and filled that is something I've noticed over the years of reading them
Good point. Earlier this year they did give Ari's christening a full episode and the only reason it was briefly give a one line spoiler is because Nick crashed the ceremony. Besides, we do know that Will and Sonny will be featured in the promo coming out for that week.
I had heard that as well, so because the wedding seem like it will lack major drama I think it simple one of those factor that writers what us to watch it... rather then telling us the that it is coming... I so at some point there be a spoiler about it because we know it happens....

Case and point look at any single one of Sami's wedding they are always well spoiler near the time because most of the time then end in anything but marriage. However that lack of an early spoiler for Wilson is a good sign for us the actual get through the "I Do's" and wind up married.
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