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I feel like I need to watch a reunion back to back when it's all said and done to truly make sense of it all.

I can't believe Brandi compared Calabasas to the valley. Everyone lives in Calabasas. And I can't believe it took THIS long for her valley rumor to turn out to be Calabasas. Once again she shows that she needs to learn when not to say something, and when no one will have her back publically about things they've gossiped about privately. Kyle shut her "but Kyle said" right down, and it was hilarious. Of course Kyle told her, just like Yolanda told Brandi about Mohammed and Joanna, but she has no clue. That's just one reason I love her, we'd never get to know all this juicy shit.

Joyce was an idiot. I enjoyed Sochi's Calling. Can't believe she called Brandi's agent ugly in front of millions of people. Isn't that bullying? She totally didn't get what Carlton was meaning, because she has nothing but Pantene between her ears, by how tacky it is to run all over town bragging about the (probably non) size of your husband's penis.

Kim definitely doesn't need to justify her need to pray. I generally find religion annoying but what did it hurt Lisa that she was doing it by a trash can? I really wish Kim would retreat from this genre, it can't be good for her.

Lisa vs. Brandi so far (without discussing Scheana)... yes, you both made inappropriate jokes about the other. Move on from it.

I really hope at somepoint they play back the footage from Vanderpump Rules of the SUR staff mocking the Lisa/Brandi/Yolanda/Joyce dinner to get their reactions.
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