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They really have to get rid of Brady. Yesterday he was whining about John not being around most of his childhood. WHA???? When did that happen? John's been in Salem since 1986! And today he's bonking his former cousin on his granddaddy's sofa. I could maybe understand it if he was actually played by a 22 year old, but they cast a 42 year old. Move it along, de-soras him, or get rid of him. But I'm sure I have more good stuff to look forward to, like Kristen coming back and saving him from self destruction :puke:
I don't think anything has made sense about Brady/John's relationship since even MarDar. It's like they just wrote a completely different backstory for them that's the opposite of what actually happened.
I thought it was interesting that Brady had developed more of a relationship with Victor as an adult. But I always wanted to see them go back to the John and Marlena relationship, too. They were both so supportive of him and Madison. I was ripshit when he claimed John wasn't around in any way during his childhood. If John's hero days are what Tomsell were trying to reference, every child of an 80s character can make that claim. And Shawn certainly never made that claim of Bo. But then Tomsell never wrote him.
Yeah, but even then John didn't miss much time in Salem. I don't mind the relationship with Victor to a point, but there was a time, even before they brought John back, that they were basically implying that Victor raised him. Uh, no. Dude was in a nursing home most of Brady's childhood. It's so irritating. It's irritating with characters who weren't on screen, but we actually saw this stuff play out. Brady was only offscreen between being little and being SORASed for a year, and then wasn't offscreen again until 2005...so he's been offscreen a total of 4 years, and most of those were as an adult. What he claims about John just flat out did not happen.
Exactly! And it only makes their precious Brady look even more the whiny baby he is. If they think we are suppose to sympathize with him they're sadly mistaken.
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