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Mar 20 2014, 08:39 PM
Mar 20 2014, 08:34 PM
Just because you hang out with a dumb rich guy doesn't mean you're a gold digger. Maggie has a valid point about Brady and Theresa being bad for each other. They're both addicts who are not dealing with their addiction. The gold digger thing is just Maggie being her usual judgemental self.

She was trying to get his wallet

I honestly don't think Theresa is a gold digger. She was interested in scoring drugs and hanging out with people who provided her with drugs (JJ and Vargas) neither is rich. If she was interested in a rich man, she would've immediately set her sights on Brady or other rich guys. She didn't seek out Brady, they were just thrown together. Brady was still rich and available when Theresa was obsessing over her inexplicable vendetta against Jennifer.

so true. The writers forgot Teresa is not always a user. She even gave JJ money when he didn't want to live with Jennifer. It might have been Vargas, but it was money that she could have had. She even trusted him with her money one time to get her drugs. So true she could have went after Brady back in November after Kristin left

I don't even know why I am trying to make sense of Theresa. Nothing about her character makes the slightest sense.

word. Today, she sounded like she is done with Jennifer
The wallet thing is more about her being a petty druggie thief than a gold digger. Also, if I remember the scene correctly, she just admired his gold credit card and then she lamented her lack of funds.
While holding Brady's wallet on March 3rd she also said to herself: "Don't show your hand yet. You're in it for the big payoff." So the whole thing wasn't nearly as innocent as you seem to think and totally supports her being a gold digger, IMO.
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