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Mar 21 2014, 03:46 PM
I loved snarky Eric and Nicole at the party (I much prefer a snarky Eric to a judgmental, self-righteous Eric). I think I missed something though, because in my experience most adults don't host a "dinner party" and order pizza. Did Jennifer burn dinner or something? As to the Mrs. Horton thing - Daniel called her "Mrs. Horton" to Rory as well. So it's not just that Rory didn't know any better - the show is referring to Jennifer as Mrs. Horton. Which is totally dumb. Why can't she be Mrs. Devereaux? Afraid of reminding us how much better Jack is than Daniel?
Re: the bolded...Jennifer and Daniel each stressed several times during the episodes leading up to this dinner party that it was going to be a casual dinner party. "Casual", in this case, means "pizza" and more of an emphasis on "party" than "sitting down at a table and breaking bread together".

Re: the italicized...again, that just says to me that Shawn Christian doesn't necessarily know any better. Or that a script writer doesn't necessarily know any better. It doesn't have to be an indicator of some sort of anti-Jack agenda. Jennifer is "Ms. Horton" because she is Jennifer Horton and she and Jack were not married at the time of his death. Any slip-ups where she is instead referred to as "Mrs. Horton" are simply the result of the fact that there are many things in the English language that a lot of people don't fully understand, like why "Ms." and "Mrs." don't mean the same thing, or why "could care less" and "couldn't care less" mean two completely different things. (Daniel and Brady always say "could care less" when they really mean "couldn't care less". Many people just believe that these things are interchangeable, even though they are not, and since Days doesn't do multiple takes, especially for such minor mistakes, these things never get corrected, even if someone does manage to catch the mistake.)
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