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Mar 21 2014, 11:32 PM
Mar 21 2014, 10:07 PM
Theresa mentioned once that her parents didn't shower her with mountains of disposable money (my words, not hers, but the point remains the same). Theresa's parents are financially stable and could perhaps even be considered "wealthy" in the same way that Hope is "wealthy", but Theresa's parents don't flaunt their wealth, just like Hope doesn't flaunt her wealth, and they are not wealthy in the way that the DiMeras or the Kiriakises are wealthy. Regardless, it doesn't matter how wealthy Theresa's parents are, because they are still living and until that changes, that money is theirs, not hers. Theresa is an adult who is not receiving any financial support from her parents -- she is now expected to make her own way in the world, and she doesn't want to do that in the typical nose-to-the-grindstone way, so she is always looking for the next opportunity to get a lot of extra money or take advantage of someone who has a lot of extra money.

It has indeed been explained that Theresa was sent to Salem with the expectation that being away from her old influences (the "wrong crowd" that she was hanging out with in Los Angeles) would help her get a fresh start. Staying in Los Angeles was not an option because they had tried that in the past and Theresa had kept falling right back into her old patterns of behavior. Think of the "three strikes" rule -- Theresa had already used up all of her second chances and was out of options; she was about to be sent to prison, but her lawyer managed to convince the judge to agree to give her one last chance in exchange for a radical change in her lifestyle. That change was a move to Salem -- a change in jurisdictions to get Theresa away from old temptations, as Kayla once put it. It's also a given that, while drugs can be found anywhere, Salem is simply going to offer less temptations, due to its very nature, than Los Angeles.

Prison is indeed what Theresa's parents were "threatening" her with, if you want to call it that (I wouldn't). In the episode where Kim and Shane visited Salem to stage an intervention of sorts for Theresa after her overdose, they specifically talked about this. Theresa promised that she would start attending Narcotics Anonymous (well, they consistently refer to it as Alcoholics Anonymous or A.A. on the show, but really, Narcotics Anonymous would have been more appropriate in Theresa's case -- again with the interchangeability) meetings in Salem, and Kim clarified that Theresa might have to attend them in Los Angeles instead. Theresa reminded everyone that her life would be over if she were sent back to Los Angeles, since that would result in her probation being revoked. Shane suggested that the judge who had named the terms of Theresa's probation might be willing to work out some sort of deal with her if she agreed to check herself into rehab upon returning to Los Angeles, and Kim added that even if that didn't happen, Theresa still had to deal with the consequences of her actions. Theresa continued to protest that she couldn't go back to Los Angeles, and she reminded everyone that she still had a job in Salem (because Anne had rehired Theresa after Jennifer had fired her), which prompted Kayla to state that Anne didn't really have the authority to do that sort of thing (because everyone at the hospital -- including Anne's bosses, who could override her decision to hire Theresa -- knew about Theresa's overdose, which generally isn't a good way to guarantee job security). Theresa responded that her probation would definitely be revoked if she were fired again.

Theresa has also claimed that her arrest in Los Angeles -- the one that had ended up getting her sent to Salem -- had only happened because an undercover cop had conspired to entrap her. That's her version of events, but it's still something else that has been established on the show.

Daniel threatened Theresa with prison time because practically everyone in Salem knows the terms of Theresa's probation. He and J.J. both know that if they send J.J.'s evidence to the judge in Los Angeles, Theresa's probation will be revoked because it depicts her committing an illegal act that is not only a clear violation of her probation but also grounds for new charges to be filed against her, and they also know that if her probation is revoked, she will be sent to prison in Los Angeles (because that's how that works, obviously), so it's a reasonable threat for them to make.

Further evidence of the fact that a prison sentence awaits Theresa if she is ever sent back to Los Angeles came when Kayla forced Theresa to craft a handwritten apology to Jennifer in an effort to convince Jennifer to give Theresa a second chance as Jennifer's assistant (this was before Theresa's overdose). Kayla reminded Theresa that if Jennifer didn't agree to give Theresa a second chance, Theresa would be "heading back west, serving time for a drug bust."

Theresa didn't use Vargas to get her into the opening of Club TBD -- she invited him to join her at the opening when she saw that he was handsome and well-dressed. He had been planning to attend a boxing match that night, but he canceled his plans to spend the evening with her instead. Drugs didn't even enter into the conversation during their first encounter.

Theresa doesn't use all of her money on drugs. She blew through most of the money that she stole from Vargas on online shopping sites, and we know that she was planning to spend at least a good portion of the money that J.J. tricked her into stealing from the hospital on that expensive designer purse that Brady eventually purchased for her. If anything, Theresa has been shown to be more interested in material possessions than drugs, although she is certainly interested in the latter, as well.

J.J. wasn't really Theresa's dealer -- she purchased weed from him a few times, but she had her own dealer, and she flaunted that in his face on more than one occasion because he was a "boy" who could only supply her with weed and she needed a "man" who could supply her with harder drugs, like cocaine and GHB.

You could call her an "amateur" gold-digger, I suppose, if you want to argue that she isn't pursuing her gold-digging attempts with enough focus and determination, but she has certainly exhibited gold-digger behavior multiple times since arriving in Salem -- probably more often than she has used hardcore drugs since arriving in Salem, actually.
Obviously, you have better memory and grasp of what transpired between Theresa and everyone else. However, there's a difference between wanting nice things and being a gold digger. I do not consider Theresa a gold digger but someone who wants to live above her means. People like that exist and they usually get themselves in a lot of financial problems. They accumulate a lot of debt, some even shoplift, but that doesn't mean they will marry an octogenarian for his money.

If all you're saying about Theresa and her parents are accurate then no wonder Theresa has a lot of problems. She has shitty parents. They threaten her with incarceration when they should be focusing on her treatment. They shipped her off to an aunt who doesn't care much about her wellbeing, beyond doing the minimum and who lets a former sister-in-law call her all kinds of names. They made her intervention all about Jennifer. Instead of saying to their daughter that her life is worth more and that they love and support her. They might as well have said to that they don't care about her. The intervention was in a nutshell, "we actually don't care about you, otherwise, we would've took the first flight from LA, when we heard you OD'd. Anyway, you were mean to the most wonderful, Jennifer Horton, and unless you grovel to her, you will go to jail." If I had parents like that, I would have disowned them on the spot and chose prison.

The reality is, we don't know much about Theresa and her motivations. Maybe, she was abused and that's why she feels worthless. All we know is that she lacks self respect and self worth that she threw herself at Dan. Everything else, we just either fanwanking (me probably), or we assign motives to her because other characters on the show tell us constantly that she's horrible, or we hate her because of what she represents.
She isn't a gold-digger because she wants nice things; she's a gold-digger because she has been shown on more than one occasion to gravitate toward people who either seem or are wealthy, and she herself often admits that she wants those people because of the size of their wallet. Wanting nice things just makes her materialistic. Snooping around in Brady's wallet and telling herself not to steal a stack of fifty-dollar bills because she's in it for "the big payoff" makes her a gold-digger. There's no other way to interpret that.

Theresa does not have shitty parents. They didn't threaten her with incarceration. They didn't choose the terms of Theresa's probation -- that's not for them to decide, it's for a judge to decide. If a judge gave Theresa a choice between Salem and prison (which he did), there's really nothing that Shane and Kim can do about that.

Theresa's parents actually arrived in Salem a day earlier than Theresa had expected them to arrive because Shane cut a business trip short so that he and Kim could rush to Salem to be with Theresa after her overdose. Kayla cares about Theresa's well-being, but Theresa is not in Kayla's care. Theresa has her own apartment and is an adult who is responsible for her own actions and choices. Shane and Kim each expressed their love for Theresa multiple times during their visit to Salem, and Theresa had one-on-one heart-to-heart discussions with both of her parents during that visit (in her heart-to-heart conversation with Kim, Theresa even said that she had gotten along with Kim and had enjoyed living with Kim until she had gotten old enough to start dating, at which point their relationship had started getting strained because Kim had started acting too controlling; Kim acknowledged this and said that she had probably seen too much of herself in Theresa and had tried too hard to protect her as a result). Theresa even acknowledged that her parents loved her, and they left on relatively good terms (how much of that was an act on Theresa's part can be debated, of course). The bottom line was that Shane and Kim (and the other Bradys who were present during the intervention of sorts) were practicing tough love because Theresa had nearly died and they didn't want anything like that to ever happen again. If they truly didn't love Theresa, as you're suggesting, they wouldn't have cared whether she lived or died, and they wouldn't have even bothered to fly to Salem to check on her in the first place.

Kim and Shane did give Jennifer more of a role in the process of deciding Theresa's fate than they perhaps should have, but that was mainly because Kim and Shane knew that Theresa had been causing problems for Jennifer and J.J., and they felt partially responsible for that because they (and Kayla) had convinced Jennifer to hire Theresa as a personal favor to them. It was basically just a way of forcing Theresa to make amends for her mistakes -- part of the recovery process for anyone in Narcotics Anonymous. Of course, they also knew that Jennifer could have caused problems for Theresa and essentially forced Theresa's return to Los Angeles if Jennifer had argued against Theresa remaining employed at the hospital, since Theresa's criminal record would have made it difficult for her to find another job in Salem (and Caroline wouldn't have hired her to work at the pub because Caroline is a Brady, and the Bradys had all agreed to stop enabling Theresa and instead exercise tough love; this was also depicted in one episode of the show). In the end, Jennifer didn't say that she was "allowing" Theresa to remain in Salem -- she said that it was up to Shane and Kim to decide Theresa's fate, and they chose to give her another chance. Jennifer's only stipulation was that if Theresa remained in Salem, she needed to stay away from J.J.

There is nothing to suggest that Theresa was abused yet. There is certainly a history of mental illness in her family, and perhaps there is more to the story than what we have been told (straight from her and her closest family members) thus far, but what has already been established on the show is more than enough to explain why she is the way that she is.

Calling Theresa a gold-digger isn't the same as saying that she's a horrible person. Nick is a horrible person. Theresa's just a lazy, self-absorbed, materialistic young woman who puts up walls and acts tough to prevent herself from getting hurt but occasionally lets down her guard when she's around the right person or in the right situation. She hasn't really even done anything to qualify herself as a villain yet. As I said before, she's a complex character.
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