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When Nick said to Gabi: It was your loyalty and not your looks that really made me fall in love with you— I screamed, what loyalty? Nick really doesn't know Gabi. He made up an image of her that's so romanticized and has nothing to do with the real Gabi. How is she loyal to anyone? She turned on Sonny, Will, Kate and Sami as soon as Nick absolved her of her role in his almost drowning. When Nick revealed to her his rape and anguish, she didn't care about him to know how he was dealing with the trauma. Granted, she was dealing with motherhood and being a student and navigating the living arrangement with Will and Sonny, but seriously, check on the poor guy at least once.

It's interesting that two romantic couples in literature Nick compared his relationship with Gabi are both tragic. Seriously, Nick? You couldn't find a better couple than Catherine and Heathcliff? But then again, maybe Nick knows what he's talking about. Heathcliff and Catherine's love story is more about obsession than love. It's all about how love can become a destructive force that destroys everyone around it.

If Nick is the cruel, sadistic Heathcliff, then who's Nick's Edger? Hopefully, it's not Will.
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