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Some gals have all the luck!

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Sweet and Salty
Mar 22 2014, 09:55 AM

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I want to see Kayla with a new love interest but not with Aiden. I'm really enjoying Hope and Aiden so far. I'm especially looking forward to Ciara's reaction to her mommy dating Chase's dad. As much as I like Crazy Liam I was kind of hoping that he could have been a possible love interest for Kayla.

I never thought I would say this but I don't miss Bo or Steve. I always loved both characters and if either or both came back that would be fine. But if neither ever comes back I'm OK with that too.
Yes! Hope and Aiden are endgame! (Whether anybody likes that or not) MBE is recurring, unlike KA and DC, so I don't see Kayla's role in all this lasting for more than a couple of weeks. Or even for more than a week. We shall see though.

Uncrazy Liam and hook him up with Kayla. Take someone else's man away from them and hook him up with Kayla. As long as he is not Hope's I'd be gung ho for it! LOL
MissFancyFace,that ship has sailed.Did you take a good look at Liam with the camisole,that dead Jack/Dan fantasy,and looking through the window.That is too much crazy to resolve within a reasonable period of time.Kayla will be eighty before anyone can get rid of all that crazy Liam has going for him.He is the best psychopath I have seen since Norman Bates.
Oh crap! Are you serious? I didn't watch those scenes, I don't watch any scenes/episodes unless it involves Hope/Haiden/Ciara. But just reading your description of Liam, that IS creepy! WAY TOO creepy for Sweetness!

Ok then, why not go back to exploring the possibilities of Abe and Kayla? Alot of posters here seemed to ship them at the first hint of a Kabe pairing the last time he shared a scene with Kayla. I believe it was at the pub and Hope was there too.

Like I said above your post, pair Kayla with anybody else's man BUT Hope's.
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