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Mar 22 2014, 06:08 PM
Mar 22 2014, 02:47 PM
I became an internet soap fan almost exactly 10 years ago. The SSK story was going on when I first ended up on a message board. I'm telling you this because I remember when I was watching it with my roommates, and one of them (who had also been watching for years) said, "I am so tired of Stefano being behind every single thing that happens on this show." He wasn't even on the show at the time, and they were still using him to blame, lol.
Whoever referred to Stefano as a Deus Ex Machina was spot on.
According to Merriam Webster's dictionary he would be:

"a person or thing (as in fiction or drama) that appears or is introduced suddenly and unexpectedly and provides a contrived solution to an apparently insoluble difficulty."

After all of these years, Stefano still reigns.
That would be me. It's rare I get to actually bring the term up so having Stefano show up inexplicably in the Ejabby pregnancy was welcome simply so I could do so.
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