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Mar 26 2014, 07:23 AM
Mar 19 2014, 02:22 PM
Yes, $-Bill has become the biggest joke now.
my goodness, next he will be carrying Brooke's purse.
I liked Bill when he think for himself, like when he tried to kill Amber.
Or when he goes after anyone who got in his way.
now he is just ick.......
The only time I liked $Bill was when he claimed he had a vendetta against the Forresters ( for what only God Brad Bell knows. Now he is just iffy and make no sense. Plus a man who blame his wife for suffering from PPD and starts sharing a bed with is sister-in-law and blame it on Ridge is not exactly appealing. I canīīt stand Brill, itīs Brookes worse pairing. Ever. James was better than Bill.
I think Bill lost a lot of fans when he blamed his ill wife.
Brooke on the other hand think with her vaj-jay jay and nothing else.
But you are right, Brill is ick, ick, ick ..............
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