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Really, Mitch, you said it best. Ika shreding the letters was one of the best moments of Big Brother (US and CAN)! It was awesome! Her speech, their faces, her decision, the execution... amazing TV! Does anyone have a feeds link to that? I wanna see the unedited version as well. :)

I didn't care for Ika really, to be honest. She lost me during her HOH week, when she was a coward and "all bark and no bite".. I was a fan of hers up until the moment she went safe with her nominations.

I really dislike Sabrina. She thinks she's the queen of the house. She's actually just lucky that it was Rachelle that won HOH this week. Had it been Neda, I don't think she would have talked Neda into making these silly nominations.

I like Sarah as a person. I don't think she's an amazing player, but she seems nice and really fair. She was one of the few that didn't seem to hate Ika and she truly understood why Ika did what she did.

Andrew is scum and I hope he is nominated this week with Sabrina by his side. I still somewhat like Kenny, although that's decreasing.

I like Alison, although she made a horrible move by attaching herself even more to Andrew after the nominations. Heather seems like a good person, but she's really not right for this game. Not taking the POV? I could see it if Alison and Rachelle were left in the game after she was out, but thinking that Kenny and Sarah would have much interest in taking the POV when they can take money and slop pass? Really, Heather...?!

Adel is such a nice guy. He's one of my favorites. This week he's safe for sure, so hopefully he can gain allies this week.

Jon is another good guy I love. Hope he goes far as well. Neda is amazing, but I don't know why she didn't try harder with Rachelle this week and tried to talk her out of her stupid nominations.

Arlie.. I have no idea where I stand with that guy.

So loving: Adel, Neda, Jon
Okay with: Sarah, Kenny, Alison
Meh: Arlie, Heather
Hate: Sabrina, Andrew, Rachelle
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