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I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the Brik engagement party. There was just something so old-school GH about a villainess threatening someone with a dagger on the Wyndamere parapet (God was it good to see that set again). And the Ben reveal and fallout. When Tyler Christopher is given the right material, he can slam it out of the park. I thought Nikolas's one liners as he laid into Elizabeth were fabulous (he even got a shot in to Ric about the panic room as they were leaving). And Dominic Zamprogna. Man was I ever reminded about why I fell in love with Lante this week. Dante's laying into Britt about how much she hurt Lulu just showed how completely devoted he is to his wife. And Lante's tears of joy, followed by heartbreak as Obrecht kidnapped Ben right in front of them made for great drama although I am getting a bit tired of psychopaths like Heather Webber threatening babies. Enough already!

I hope they don't write Britt too much into a corner when the dust settles from all of this. Kelly Thiebald has been a great addition to the cast.

LiRic still have it in terms of chemistry. JuLexis also smoked up the screen this week!
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