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So in summary after doing a little bit of catching up...

1. That is SO NOT LUKE! I don't know who they HELL it is... but it's just not Luke lmao.

2. Oh how I LOVED Nicholas laying into Liz! I know he will/does feel bad about what he said, but what he said was SO TRUE and I LOVED IT! :cheer:

3. I understand that Ava is in the mob and has probably killed more then her fair share of people. But tptb are trying to make it look like she killed EVERYONE that is currently dead! I mean COME ON! Yes she killed Connie... but Silas's wife and the doctor... blah blah blah! BORING!

4. Am I the only one thinking that Madeline (the mother) is the one who killed Nina? It seems like to me that Madelines husband had ALL the money in the family... and I'm guessing he left it to Nina! So if Madeline kills the daughter, get's Silas to sign that paper (which he did) then Madeline would probably get the money!
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