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Mar 31 2014, 09:55 PM
Mar 31 2014, 09:45 PM
Mar 31 2014, 05:23 PM
So it is Sami who walks in on Nick and Gabi.
I am glad it Sami, because that means Gabi in now way no how is going to get a pass, at some point Sami will tell Sonny & Will... and I am sure that Gabi will get H*** from Sami herself. And there is also the question of where is Gabi doing this if the baby (Ari) is present in the apartment.
Given Sami is screwing somebody who has hurt a lot more people, in far worse ways than Nick without remorse- she has no room to talk about Gabi.

EJ has no remorse over what he did to Rafe, and EJ was planning to steal Lucas' child Allie by leaving the country with a fake passport for her.

Sami was also sexually aroused by EJ blackmailing Lucas to stop him from trying to get primary custody of his daughter, when Lucas only motive was to keep his child safe.

She has zero stones to throw at Gabi.
I think the only reason Sami has room is Arianna... if it Sami tries to compare the fact that EJ's changed and Nick's not... Sami wouldn't have a valid point but if Sami makes it about what Nick's done to Will & Sonny and well as about what in Ari's best interest that makes for a very different argument... if EJ is kept out of it (On Sami's part) she got an argument on other fronts.

If it becomes a comparison game of EJ & Nick that becomes a different story and you'd be right however I can see Sami attempting to make it about Ari whether she succeeds with the argument would be the actual question.
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