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Mar 31 2014, 10:20 PM
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Mar 31 2014, 05:23 PM
So it is Sami who walks in on Nick and Gabi.
I am glad it Sami, because that means Gabi in now way no how is going to get a pass, at some point Sami will tell Sonny & Will... and I am sure that Gabi will get H*** from Sami herself. And there is also the question of where is Gabi doing this if the baby (Ari) is present in the apartment.
Sami has absolutely no leg to stand on in regards to Gabi and Nick so she should just shut up. Not that she ever will ...

And it is totally normal for people to make out or have sex with a baby or a child in the house/apartment, so I have no idea why you are making it some kind of an issue ...
Arianna is an far argument to make ... and something tells me the Nick & Gabi situation is something she walks in on not something she hears about and goes seeking out to argue with Gabi about it. I have a feeling that Sami is going by to visit her grand-daughter....

Gabi is the one who insists on making the EJ & Nick comparison all the time...Gabi has no leg to stand on either... Gabi is putting her young daughter in harms way (never knowing if Nick will be set off) against the wishes of Will. And Gabi doesn't care. Gabi has no regard of Will's opinion on matters that concern is daughter... so to me Gabi is a bad as if not worst then Sami. It turn there are several argument that Sami can't make that she have no leg to stand on however I see a few she could if she kept strictly to them... but Gabi is Gabi and she try to pull Sami out of the reasonable argument anyone could make regardless of there own choices.

The issue about the other fact is that Gabi now more the full well that Will & Sonny do not want Nick in the apartment (which the have ever right to make that request, Gabi's name isn't on the lease.... Sonny made a comment about only his and Will name being on there at one point right after Arianna was born). The other issue on the front is that fact that Gabi knows full well that Will doesn't want Nick around the baby as regularly as Gabi allows for it to happen... Gabi is asking for a fight in court and one that she might very well not be able to win.
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