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Mar 31 2014, 10:18 PM
Mar 31 2014, 04:59 PM
SCREW YOU RC! :flipoff: Monica loses everyone but Sonny gets to keep everyone, including the child he stole from another man? Such bullshit. :flipoff: :flipoff: :flipoff:

Not to mentioned that Monica lost a grandchild with Jake and Sonny gets one with Dante/Lulu baby. It just the continuation of the anointing St. Sonny that will never pay for any of his crimes.
Oh that's right, Jake was a Quartermaine. I always think of him as Lucky's so I forgot that one. Poor Monica didn't even know Jake was her grandchild until after he died. I can't believe they killed another Q. Didn't RC & Co. insist we were getting more Quartermaines a while back? More bullshit and lies from the hack! :soapbox:
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