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I have not posted on here in many years, however, I have been a frequent observer of the site. Let me preface this post by saying that I am a fan of Crystal Chappell and am pleased to hear that she will once again be working with Corday Productions. I can only hope this will eventually lead to the return of Dr. Carly Manning on Days of Our Lives.

I know on this site I have the minority opinion, but I feel that Crystal Chappell has been given an unfair rap for the whole twitter gate scandal. Crystal never spoke an ill word toward Kristian Alfonso during the whole twitter ordeal, however, she did make reference to Nelson Bronco's freedom of speech during his tirade against Kristian Alfonso, an actress who many, not just Chappell, will attest was responsible for Chappell's dismissal.

I have heard from individuals who worked on the NBC Burbank Days set during Chappell's return visit from 09-11. What started off as an exciting return, quickly fumbled, partly due to poor writing and partly because of Alfonso's hesitation to play the story as written.

Ever since Peter Reckell returned to DAYS in 1995 Bo and Hope were the "it" couple. Days attempted numerous versions of a triangle with the couple after Reckell came back. Bo's romance with Billie was doomed upon Reckell's return. Reckell and Alfonso had an amazing history/chemistry as Bo and Hope that returned with both in those roles. Bo and Billie as a popular couple with rooting entrance ended with Robert Kelker-Kelly's summer 1995 dismissal and Lisa Rinna's exit a few months later.

I don't think DAYS grasped this. They tried to recreate Bo and Billie as a popular couple, first with Reckell and Krista Allen as Billie. An utter failure that resulted in Billie becoming a scheming villainess. When Lisa Rinna returned in 2002 they attempted to redeem Billie and tested the waters with a Bo/Billie reunion with the original Billie in the role. Another failure which resulted in Rinna being dismissed a few months after she returned. Reilly returned in 2003 and attempted yet another version of the Hope/Bo/Billie triangle, this time with Julie Pinson as Billie in 2004. Once again, the audience despised Bo with any other woman but Hope and while Billie wasn't reduced to a villainess this time, she was reduced to a glorified extra after her storyline with Bo and Hope ended, being written out shortly thereafter.

Enter Crystal Chappell as Carly Manning in October 2009. Peter Reckell's Bo and Crystal Chappell's Carly were the DAYS it couple from 1990-1992 and generated a huge fan base during this time. Some would even argue that Bo/Billie would have ever happened had Reckell remained with DAYS as Kelker-Kelly's Bo never jived with Chappell's Carly ultimately resulting in Carly reuniting with Lawrence and leaving the show.

For the first time since 1995, DAYS writers had the opportunity to put Bo in a relationship with someone other than Hope, opening both characters up to new storyline. Some fans recalling Reckell/Chappell's popularity in the early 90's bought Bo and Carly as a couple. The Bo/Carly reunion had a sizable fan base, while definitely not on the caliber as the Bo/Hope fan base, giving the writers and opportunity to write for them. Admittedly, they wrote for the couple incorrectly. Instead of having Bo and Hope divorce and Bo move in with Carly, they had Carly live with a separated Bo. The reunion was rushed, but the writers simply seized on the opportunity to write for Bo with someone else. It was the first chance they had to do so in the 15 years since Reckell returned. While die-hard Bo and Hope fans had a hard time grasping Bo and Carly, so did Kristian Alfonso. The countless interviews Alfonso did with the soap press after the Bo/Carly reunion happened proved this. On may occasions she voiced concern over how the audience could even compare the Bo/Carly romance to the Bo/Hope romance. She made mention to the press the Bo/Carly together was unreal. Alfonso voiced concerns to the writers about this, any cast member and crew member (ask Bill Hayes and Nadia Bjorin) will attest to this. She was upset. By early 2010, Chappell had recaptured her role as DAYS's leading lady. She had tons of airtime, a huge storyline, and a successful pairing with Alfonso's screen partner. Carly had become the Hope character on many levels. Alfonso and Chappell had never been on the show together. Alfonso had left the show during Bo/Carly's early 1990's storyline. In essence, Carly and Hope had the same role on the show, albeit at different times. Others, not just Chappell, have alluded to how upset Alfonso was when the scenes were filmed where Bo and Carly made love. Alfonso's concerns were voiced to TPTB, prompting Carly to be moved into a new storyline (Daniel/Chloe/Phillip) and having very few scenes with Bo, despite the fact that the couple were still together. In the height of the Carly/Bo/Hope triangle, Peter Reckell was written out for six weeks and when he returned the storyline had lost all stem and the story shifted to Hope's nighttime adventures, leading up to her eventual reunion with Bo and Bo's preceding break up with Carly. Not only had Alfonso grown to dislike the story, but she had grown to dislike Chappell as well, and not just for the storyline they were both involved in. Maybe rightfully so, Alfonso also felt as if Chappell was more passionate about her web series Venice than being on a show that paid the bills.

With a two episode break up with Bo, and maybe handful of scenes with Bo and Hope thereafter, Carly was firmly out of Bo/Hope's orbit. She was given a powerful drug storyline and was subsequently dismissed a mere nine months after Carly and Bo's break up. The new writers had a story for Carly lined up, Ken Corday ordered Chappell's dismissal. No executive could persuade Ken to change his mind (Greg Meng also wanted to keep Chappell), Ken wanted Chappell gone. In Chappell's perspective, Alfonso's "constant concerns" with Chappell led to Corday wanting her gone. While Alfonso did not fire Chappell her constant concerns did indeed turn THE BOSS off on her.

Now, imagine you work for a company. A senior co-worker is tight with the boss. You're the newer person in the office. The senior co-worker has concerns with you and your work ethic. She continuously shares these concerns with the boss. The boss eventually dismisses you and states that they are taking the position in a different direction. You aren't going to be the least bit upset with this senior co-worker? When a fellow friend bashes the person who has continuously complained about you to the boss and sticks up for you, are you going to be the one that tells him to shut up! No, you're going to shut up and let him say his piece of your behalf. You're going to be hurt. Chappell never bashed Alfonso, but she certainly didn't defend her during Nelson's tirade and probably rightfully so. In her perspective, Alfonso's constant concerns cast her in a bad light to the boss, who ultimately terminated her. Anyone would be upset. She lost her job, her livelihood. She had every right to be upset.

Maybe Chappell could have done things differently, but she was hurt. She didn't bash her co-worker. She stated freedom speech and wasn't about to defend a co-worker who had constantly complained about her. I wouldn't either, and neither, would many others. Kristian Alfonso didn't fire Crystal Chappell, but she did effectively end the Hope/Bo/Carly storyline that could have been a huge draw and carried the show for several years (B&B's Brooke/Ridge/Taylor anyone) Look what happened after Hope/Bo/Carly ended. Bo and Hope reunited, had no storyline, Peter Reckell left the show because the writers told him they wouldn't be writing for him (because they really couldn't) and Kristian Alfonso has languished on the backburner for nearly two years.

I'm not saying Kristian Alfonso is a bad person. She cares a lot about her show. She wants it to succeed. When she feels something is hurting her show (Bo/Carly) she's going to voice her concern. She did. Chappell rubbed Alfonso the wrong way and Alfonso rubbed Chappell the wrong way. It's a matter of co-workers not liking each other. It happens all the time. One ended up with a job, the other did not. Chappell being begged as being a bully, idiot, bitch, etc. because she didn't jump to that co-workers defense is ignorant!
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