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^Im not gonna quote that post since its quite lengthy.
CC may not have directly bashed Kristian during Nelsongate, but she sure did take many stabs at Kristian in her "book". And she sure as hell didn't try to dissipate the Nelsongate situation. If anything, she was giving him the green light to keep going and keep saying negative & untrue things about Kristian.
CC also states in her book that Kristian didn't get her fired (which may actually be one of the few truths hidden in those double-spaced pages).
As for Kristian not wanting to play the story as told, that sounds like another pro-CC propaganda bit. Kristian isn't the type of person to go cry to Ken about Hope being written as part of a triangle (or any other story, for that matter).
I'm just going to stop here because I don't really feel like starting up another CC vs Kristian argument when the subject has been discussed ad nausium, thought I felt like a few things needed to be said! I will say this one last thing, however: you made a lot of assumptions about Kristian, many of which seem to come from your interpretations of what she said.

ETA: As for the last sentence, CC is seen by many ad a bitch & a bully through her own actions on twitter and other avenues (like her book) - & I'm not talking about just things related to Kristian.
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