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I absolutely admire your dedication to Kristian Alfonso. I'm confident she loves the show. Although I'm enjoying her storyline with Aiden at the moment, I haven't been a fan of Hope's since the days when she thought she was Gina and had amnesia. However, I've enjoyed her without being with Bo more than I have in a long time, just as I enjoyed Bo so much better when he wasn't with Hope.

With that said, I apologize if you thought my post was to bash Kristian. It was not, the purpose of my post was to defend Crystal. I don't agree with all of what Crystal does. Personally, I almost feel like she favors her GLBT fans more than her straight fans. I think her involvement with GLBT community is commendable, I almost think she's obsessed with it as she never plays straight in anything anymore. Just saying.

In regards to the twittergate sandle, I've been fortunate enough to visit in the Burbank studios many times. I got to know two of the line producers fairly well, and in fact, spent some time with them at the studio in late 2010 (they were kind enough to take us around on several occasions). From their perspective, Chappell's description in her book was fairly accurate (With anything, no one can say for sure what happened without being there) and according to them Alfonso's not the sweetest pea in the world either. In fact, during our visit she was working and I found her to be very standoffish and not very friendly (in her defense she was working and probably focused on the scenes she was taping).

One of the most interesting things I took from this was when my friends spoke about the scenes where Hope and Carly got into at Maggie's house after Mickey passed away and started screaming at each and talking over each other. Both of my friends worked that day and one on those scenes. The two had words before the scenes about the direction. The actresses were not yelling at each other, but both women displayed a bit of directness and sarcasm with each other. During the scene, they both ad-libbed and went off script briefly. After the scenes my friend said you could hear a pin drop. No one said a word and cast members had this look on their face like "What just happened." It was obvious the two were not happy with each other and both retreated back to their dressing rooms without saying anything to each other and not much else to anybody else either. The producers felt the scenes turned out great, though.

Okay, I'm done babbling. I'm glad Kristian Alfonso does have a storyline again (It's about time) and Chappell and Corday have reconciled. On a lighter note, I do find it ironic that Kristian's new screen partner Daniel Cosgrove was one of Chappell's long term love interests on Guiding Light when she played Olivia Spencer and he played Bill Lewis. Maybe Daniel can play peacemaker to the two divas, LOL.

What's interested is that when the two first met when Crystal first came back they were very friendly and cordial and genuinely happy to work together. No one really knew what led up to the two's mutual dislike of each other because Chappell had only been back three or four months when those scenes were taped.
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