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Did anyone associated with the show say anything about that? I remember NLG from GH and the guy that plays Kevin on Y&R speaking out. I don't think that would matter especially since this is with Corday and Chappell.
Nobody on the show ever commented about Missy's tweet. CC wrote a blog post where she talked a lot, but didn't say much. She did say that she had talked to Missy, but didn't go any futher into what Missy had to say in her defense.

I read that lengthy post on the first page in CC's defense and I'd like to say several things about it. CC was not a newcomer to Days, so it's not correct to compare her to a new worker in a corporate company. She'd worked there 20 years earlier and knew how things stood. She therefore should have been aware that Bope was one of the staples of the show. Carbo was never going to be more than an obstacle and she should have expected that from the start.

Also, I have a hard time believing CC's theory about people taking sides, because all actors openly communicated with both her and KA all the time.

I definitely will acknowledge that CC's alcohol issues affected her poor judgement on that sad day. But, after having read the excerpt from biography on Kristian, I couldn't shake off the feeling that there was one more factor affecting her behavior: bruised ego. When CC was on GL, she was the lead and the most popular character on that show, thanks to Otalia. But, on Days, she was a supporting player. That was a might fall and it must have hurt. To make matters worse for her, her co-stars didn't give her an Emmy prenomination for her work. Only a year before that, CC had been nominated for GL and all peeps at GL supported her. But, such support was not to be found at Days. That must've sucked.

And, finally, Crystal can't blame Carly 2.0's failure on KA. It wasn't KA's idea to have Carly be involved with Daniel and Melanie in the same storyline. Anyone who had to be in a storyline with them suffered because those characters were and still are unpopular and their unpopularity affected everyone in their proximity. Crystal couldn't control that and turn that into a good storyline no matter how much she tried.
But, she was nominated for her work in 2012.
When the system changed and everyone in the industry voted in the prenomination round. But, the year before, when the shows prenominated two actors from the cast for each category, she didn't get a prenomination. Days chose Kristian Alfonso and Alison Sweeney over her.
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