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I too thank you MissFancyFace.Why are they still using a photograph from Abby's nightmare which aired about a month ago? Why are they using a photograph from Liam's fantasy having no relation to Liam's actual plan to break up Jennifer and Daniel for a spoiler about his plan? Chase looks really pasty as if he is wearing kabuki makeup.Jordan has apparently give up the glasses.AZ must be next in line for the ugly clothes.Kate had that atrocious outfit last week,Gabi was back in her ugly pants Friday and has now moved to an ugly robe.
I honestly want to know where Days finds all of the ugly clothes for the females.Hope and Kayla and Abby to a lesser extent are the only females who have managed to escape the relentless use of ugly clothes/shoes of the past few months.Even though I really don't want Abe and Maxine as a couple,Maxine is appropriate dressed for her age and size.I do wonder why they chose to use a photograph which appears to be from the wedding which ended last Thursday to accompany a spoiler for the upcoming week.They must use an unpaid intern who does not watch the show to choose the photographs to accompany the spoilers.I can't believe they actually pay somene to choose the photographs for the spoliers.
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